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Wholesale Information


Wholesale Information 

for our Clothing & Accessories Boutique!

So, you're thinking about starting your own clothing/accessory store or simply want to add a bit more glam and flair to your already established boutique? 

Here at MaddiB Boutique we offer the perfect balance between quality & affordable boutique style gear.

  • 40% wholesale discount on ALL orders
  • Free to Sign-up
  • No Monthly fees or quotas!
  • No limit on selling prices (you set your selling price)
  • No minimum order quantities!

 **Not ALL products are eligible for wholesale pricing**



- Fill out the application HERE
- Allow up to 5 business days to setup your account.
- Once your account has been approved, Login to your online account.
*Please allow up to 5 business days to get approval*



Are there any fees to joining MaddiB Boutique?
No! There are no fees or extra charges for our wholesale services.

Is there a Minimum Order Quantity or Minimum Price I have to meet to place an order?
Absolutely Not! But you do have the option to attend a Buy-In Event.

Is My Account Mine Forever or is there a re-entry fee?
Your account remains active as long as you remain active.  You MUST login to your account every 90 days.  If you do not, our system will automatically deactivate your inactive account. And as always, there are no fees or extra charges for our wholesale service.

How much money can I make?
Well that is ENTIRELY up to you! We do not set restrictions on prices. There are no MUST SELL at this price requirements nor do we sell to our shoppers for the same price we sell to you.

Do you require a Tax ID/Retail Permit/Reseller Permit?
YES! We do require a Tax Id/Retail Permit/Reseller Permit Number

I don't own a business but I am interested in selling MaddiB Boutique products. Can I still do this? 

Of course you can! We just ask that you read and review our website very thoroughly BEFORE applying for registration. But if we discover that you have signed up for an account under false pretenses and are only out to receive a different tiered discount for your own personal use. We will be forced to deactivate your account immediately. We understand that sometimes you can be your own best customer. but you shouldn't be your ONLY customer.

Are all products listed on the website eligible for wholesale pricing?

Sorry, not all products on our site are eligible for wholesale pricing. Name brand products are not eligible for wholesale pricing because of other companies policies. You will have to contact individual companies to setup an account with them.

What products are eligible for wholesale pricing?  

- Children's Clothing

- Women's Clothing

- Custom Tees

- Leggings

- Most Accessories

- Special Buy-Ins


*Please feel free to email us at if you have any other questions!